Finally Almost there, sorta…

The last 2 weeks for me have been extraordinary.  Since I was a kid I have loved boats, drawn boats, and dreamed boats.  The water has always been a part of me and has taken me all over the world.  I am forever grateful that my old man introduced me at such a young age, as it set a course for my life.  The idea of Xplor Boatworks is a new one in name only.  Since I was a kid, I wanted adventure in my life.  I read stories of people going all over the world chasing giant fish or on epic hunting trips.  These stories instilled a need for that adventure, I have gotten lucky enough to have it manifest itself as Xplor Boatworks.  This recent adventure started as a one-off idea for a boat that would do very specific things and carry very specific cargo, ie cameras, camping gear, people, and lastly… gear.  I list that one last because if we didn’t have everything else on the list, the fishing gear really didn’t matter.  I had an idea for the design of what I wanted and multiple people throughout this journey helped me hone that idea, and for that, I am eternally grateful.  The end result of this process is something I am so excited about I can hardly stand it.

For the last 5 months, we have been working. Sanding, studying, sanding, thinking, sanding, painting, mudding, sanding, etc.  Over and over, till it was right.  Sometimes not finding the little imperfection that needed fixing till the last minute and haveing to start all over again.  The process has been amazing.  Hard, yes, but what has come of it is something I’m most proud of.  I’ll get back to that in a second.  About two weeks ago we got to the last leg of finish work to get the X18 ready for tooling.  We moved our entire shop 140 miles to our new home in Columbia, SC and got to work.  New crew, new eyes, new minds.  All of which contributed to the final version.  These guys have become part of the Xplor family over these two weeks will be part of it forever.  Friends, friends of friends, employees, strangers, all have been a huge part of making this happen, and it’s truly humbling.  Today we pulled the hull mold for the X18, and it felt like Christmas, with a tinge of fear.  As we got the mold off the plug today, I was overwhelmed with pride, not really personal, but more for the guys standing next to me.  We aren’t from the same background, or same area, or same passion, but we all built this.  I can’t say enough about Tielur, James, and Tommy and what they have done to help make this happen.  It has been an absolute pleasure working with you and I can’t wait to get back to the shop in the morning to keep this going.  And that’s what I’m most proud of.




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  1. Beverly Marion

    Fantastic story!! Do you make these in pink? Don’t forget that females love the outdoor activities,as well!!

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