Hull #2 Rollout

Sorry for the delay on updates on the skiff build.  We have gotten hull 2 out the door and on the water!  The hull performs awesome and does better than I had anticipated.  I’ve had a chance to put the skiff in most scenarios as far as fishing and running go and am really excited about getting some of you out on the water to see for yourselves.  Fuel burn has been one really amazing thing on this skiff for its size.  At 18’4″ and an 84″ beam this skiff has averaged around 9 miles per gallon at a cruise speed of 32 mph at around 4200-4400 rpms.  This hull is significantly heavier than our production model due to the amount of material used in the templating process.  I am really excited to see what a production weight hull will burn as well as what it will float in.  Stay tuned for more!